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Monica Lemeshonok


Monica Lemeshonok

Monica Lemeshonok

Young modern artist was born 27.01.1986 in Belarus, Mogilev.

Her creative destiny began from early childhood. In the view of many professionals painting Monica has a special flavor in their art works. Movement and volume – this is what makes her art in living; the girl has an original compositional thinking and strong creative imagination.

Monica paint in the styles of modernism as post-impressionism, surrealism, symbolism. The paintings in your favorite scenic technology Impressionism, where each particle is moving in the power of flight. Every art work of the artist has its unique idea.


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Vector Illustrations


The aspiration (2000)

The sound of inspiration (2001)

The atom (2011)

African (2004)

Looks, thoughts, feelings (2005)

Pictorial art

Perfumes of the winds (2009)

Art work for sale